Our Story

Welcome to Bubblgum, where quality meets affordability, and style knows no boundaries.

Our Founding Story: In the year 2022, two passionate entrepreneurs embarked on a journey to create a brand that would revolutionize the way people shop for fashion and lifestyle products. With a shared vision of offering premium quality at a price that doesn't break the bank, Bubblgum was born.

Our Mission: At Keshki, we believe that everyone deserves to enjoy the finest products without compromising on quality or budget. Our mission is simple: to bring you a diverse range of fashionable and functional items that elevate your everyday life, all at an accessible price point.

Unleashing Global Style: Bubblgum is not just a brand; it's a global movement. We understand that style transcends borders and cultures, so we strive to cater to men and women from all walks of life, no matter where they are in the world. Our collections are carefully curated to celebrate diversity and individuality, making fashion accessible to all.

Quality That Inspires Confidence: Quality is at the core of everything we do. From the selection of fabrics to the craftsmanship of our products, we ensure that each piece that bears the Bubblgum name is meticulously designed and crafted to inspire confidence and lasting satisfaction.

Affordability Redefined: We believe that luxury should not be a privilege for a select few. By cutting out unnecessary costs and middlemen, we offer you premium products at a fraction of traditional luxury prices. At Bubblgum, affordability is not a compromise; it's a commitment.

Sustainability and Ethics: As conscious custodians of the environment, we actively seek sustainable and ethical practices in our operations. We are committed to reducing our ecological footprint, partnering with suppliers who share our vision of responsible sourcing and production.

Your Journey with Bubblgum: We want your shopping experience with Bubblgum to be as remarkable as our products. Our customer-centric approach ensures that your needs are met with utmost care and efficiency. We are here to serve, delight, and inspire you every step of the way.

Join the Bubblgum Community: Bubblgum is not just a brand; it's a community of like-minded individuals who appreciate value, style, and a passion for life. We invite you to be part of our journey, where we celebrate the essence of diversity and the power of affordable luxury.

A Future of Possibilities: As we grow and evolve, our vision remains unwavering – to be a trailblazer in the world of affordable luxury and an enabler of dreams. With your support, we look forward to exploring new horizons, launching exciting collections, and making a positive impact on the lives of people around the globe.

Thank you for choosing Bubblgum!

Welcome Home babe x